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Action verbs express action and are the most common verbs.

Action verbs need s at the end with third-person, singular subjects.

  • He eats bread.

  • She walks to the station.

  • It floats on the sea.


Negative sentences need do not, does not, or did not.

  • I do not eat bread.

  • He does not eat bread.

  • You did not walk to the station.

  • It does not float on the sea.


Interrogative sentences begin with do, does, or did.

  • Do you eat bread?

  • Does he eat bread?

  • Does she walk to the station?

  • Did they finish it?


Do not can be shortened to don't, does not to doesn't, and did not to didn't.

  • I don't eat bread.

  • She doesn't walk to the station.

  • It doesn't float on the sea.

  • They didn't finish it.


Remember the variations of action verbs:


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